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This is the official website for Mitro, a group of people dedicated to letting people share small amounts of information about other people without the risk of being traced down.

Below you can find links, which includes an anonymous form for dropping information. This could be someone's email, address, phone number or something similar. Be warned: anything you share will be here forever, always open to the general public to view. Ineka, creator of this site, does not take credibility for anything dropped/shared. All they are doing is allowing people to see what others drop. Contact them if you would like some information taken off the website.

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What can be shared?

We allow text, screenshots and images. We are currently working on a way to implement audio recordings being usable, but it is not confirmed to happen. We allow links to external sources on the Public Web and the Dark/Tor/Underground Web (.onion sites only accessible via Tor browser).

Can I request information be taken down?

You can, but you must contact us first.